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New Writings

The Noise Under Dennys Bed

  • 12 May 2018

He heard the noise again. Something was under his bed scratching the wooden floor. In the dark silence of his bedroom, seven-year-old Denny shivered in fear. He wanted to pull the covers over his head, but then what...

Winter Gardens

  • 07 May 2018

Sentiment sent me for a day by the sea and in making my way to the bay which I remembered from childhood I could see shapes of the shadows of what used to be... I could see me with an ice cream M...


  • 06 May 2018

    If not for the want of wanting you and you who wants me wanting too I wonder and often what would I do if not for the want of wanting you. ...

See ya in the great beyond

  • 01 May 2018

Three men walked in single file under the light of a full moon in the Sahara Desert. They were deserters from the French Legion. If their unit caught them they’d be summarily shot. Yet, they took the risk to get away ...

Collect call to Canterbury

  • 01 May 2018

Passing through  and that's all we ever do I am humbled by your cheers, my joy  akin to that when I was but a boy is boundless (Who said hop it?) stop i...

Kelvin not Klein

  • 29 Apr 2018

  At the core of it ... I see some more of it and it hurts a bit, but no more than at the core of it   There were many chances that came my way and come what may I can no longer d...