Frequently Asked Questions

To offer you the best possible information, we selected some frequently asked questions. If in any case something is unclear do not hesitate to contact us at:

  • What will happen to the rights of my writings when I post them on StoriesPortal?
  • We take no rights of any of your writings. Want to know more? Author Rights
  • Hey, Thats my writing!
  • Someone is taking credit for your writing on StoriesPortal? Take action and contact us at:
  • How can I earn Points?
  • You can earn Points in many ways! Want to find out how? How To Earn Points
  • How do Points work?
  • Points help you get that little more attention we like you to have! For more information checkout how do points work.
  • Why can't I login?
  • This could have several reasons. You might still need to activate your account, please check your registered e-mail. You might've forgotten your password, Don't worry! Reset your password through the account page.
  • Does StoriesPortal cost anything?
  • No, StoriesPortal and all it’s services are completely free to use.
  • Can I add friends?
  • We are constantly improving StoriesPortal and we are working on this feature!
  • Can I follow authors I like?
  • Yes, you can follow authors by simply clicking the button “Follow Author”

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