A Friend Once Told Me

Written by ASK
  • 20 Apr 2015

A friend once told me, the ideals been raped
like an artist whose mouth has been taped 
tempt you with lies and stories of a free state 
great, but are you sure you can carry the weight 
when you realize you can’t really hate your own fate 
but the legacy you leave behind is for you to shape 
now if you relate, you’ll know that truth is his trait
life is like a painting, and you got the pen so paint 
the pencil portrays pleasure & pain, don’t live in vain
no false claim, never said he was a saint, he ain’t

choose, tears of a sinner or arrogance of a winner 
never thought of the starving kids during dinner 
full & finished, back to promoting humanity on twitter 
no respect, only sympathy, that’s why they are bitter 
so be better- than that, look what they all once had

you can run & hide, but you can’t outrun the night 
truth you blindly denied, although it was inside- of you 
evil glamorized, like the hunt down of the Sioux 
even terrorized, until you accept their truth 
reason & emotions beautifully mixed in the booth
fascinating and yet so scary, like the Golden Horde
legal, well what’s your frame, the law or the Lord 
like chaos restored, modern times tyrants adored
how much death can we afford, before pullin’ the sword
fuck an award, prefer to have my good deeds stored 
waiting for the last call, rise righteous once and for all 


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