Casey Anthony vs Jodi Arias

Written by Ywtever
  • 30 Mar 2015

For a couple days now, I have been trying to come up with an idea to write about.  There really hasn't been any new crimes that sparked enough interest in me to write about it and I have to have passion if I am going to write.  Well, today, someone asked Vinnie Politan who did he think was hated more, Casey Anthony or Jodi Arias.  My knee jerk response was Casey Anthony of course; then I got to thinking, there really isn't any comparison here.  Not only are the crimes as different as night and day, but the ladies are as different as night and day.  In this blog, I want to take a chance to explain the many ways in which these ladies are different and their crimes are as different as they are.

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony grew up in a very dysfunctional home.  Today psychologists tend to throw that term around a bit more loosely than it probably applies; but in this case, her home truly was dysfunctional.  She had a father that lied all the time.  If they wondered why Casey done it, it was because she learned from the master himself.  In my opinion, George Anthony was a very weak man.  He was so unsure of himself and therefore, it made him unsure in his role as father and later grandfather.  Sure he provided for his family to the best of his ability; but that was just about it.  He didn't seem to have any feelings of his own.  Then the world started entering his life and wanting to know the most personal and intimate things of his life; he cracked.  The disguise that he had put on all these years was over.  Everyone was learning all the bad parts of him and his personality and no one seem to care about the good parts or his good deeds.  The whole world wanted in onall the bad things that he had done and wanted to be his judge and executioner.  

Casey's mother wasn't much better.  She in her own way had her own delusions going on.  Cindy Anthony lived in an imaginary world.  She was a nurse and she pretended to everyone she met that she had the perfect life, perfect kids, and perfect husband.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  She didn't know where her daughter was most of the time.  Her son stayed away from home as much as he could to avoid all the dysfunction at home.  Her husband worked the hours that she didn't work so that they more or less passed like ships in the night.  The only one she seem to really keep her focus on was Caylee.  She put all her attention and money into this sweet child of a granddaughter.  Caylee truly was her life.  After Caylee died, Cindy truly had no purpose to her life any more.  She didn't seem to have an interest in her family before the incident that took Caylee's life and now that her world has crumbled before her eyes, what use was it now to fix the problems.  Cindy lived above her means because she wanted everyone to think she was wealthier than she really was.  She was only a strong person in her own imaginations; she wasn't very strong when you sat down and started evaluating her life and the things she done.  As for the public getting into her business, at first, I think she really wanted the publicity.  She wanted to show the world just how good her life really was.  When the scrutiny began, she then started to doubt herself; but she wasn't going to let the world know that she was beginning to have her own doubts.  

Casey Anthony reallized after she had Caylee just how little she meant to this family.  All she ever wanted was someone to love her unconditionally and she thought Caylee was going to be that blessing; but she no sooner gave birth to Caylee and her mother is holding her and bonding with her like she is her own.  From this point forward, as long as Casey left Caylee with Cindy, Cindy could care less where Casey was or what she was doing.  Whenever Casey wanted to get back at her mother for something, all she had to do was take Caylee with her and Cindy would have done almost anything to get her to bring her back home.  Imagine living in a family like this.  The only one she seemed to have any kind of relationship with was her brother and even that began to be scrutinized as to why they were so close and why Caylee had a name that was a mixture of her and her brother's name together.  Was Casey abused by her father or her brother as some speculated ... who knows?  At this point, I don't even think Casey truly knows.  She is probably just so glad to be arid of this family that she has blocked all the real memories that came from it.  

As the trial ended, spectators were shocked to find that the jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of the murder of her 3 year old little girl.  As a spectator of the trial, I have to say, in this case, the jury got it right.  All the defense has to do is put doubt in the jury's mind and by law, they have to aquit the person that is on trial.  Jose Bias was able to put that slither of doubt in their minds.  This would have been a tradgedy if they were to have found Casey guilty of murder.  They didn't know for sure how the murder occurred.  They couldn't prove beyond a shadow of doubt that Casey was even the last one to have seen Caylee alive.  We can sit here and speculate all day long, but in order to find someone guilty of murder, you have to have evidence.  You have to have forensics and there was nothing.  It was a case completely built on circumstantial evidence.  A circumstantial case can be proven if there is a strong line that goes from the victim to the suspect and there are no breaks in that line ... but their theories were all over the place.  The prosecution could not show that strong line.  I think Jeff Ashton of the prosecution let his hate for Casey Anthony and the hate he had for Jose Bias get the best of him and allowed that hatred to interfer with his prosecution of the case as a whole.  

My theory is, it wasn't murder at all.  It was completely an accident.  Some people think her murdering Caylee was the reason she ran for 2 or 3 months instead of going home to face her mother, I don't think so.  She wasn't running because she murdered Caylee, she was running because she knew what her mother was going to say.  Her mother wasn't going to hear accident.  Her mother was going to be the one that sent her straight to prison for killing her precious Caylee.  I think when Casey would go out partying, she would put Caylee in the trunk of her car and use Chloroform to put her to sleep and I think she gave her too much one night and Caylee never woke up.  I don't think she done it intentionally.  I think this was her immature mind's way of making sure that Caylee slept through the night.  At the very worst, it would have been involuntary manslaughter, but it wouldn't have been done in a brutal fashion and cause pain and suffering because I think deep down, she loved Caylee too.  
Jodi Arias
Jodi Arias on the other hand was a purely evil person filled with jealousy and hate.  She came from a good home where her parents loved her and wanted the best for her.  They tried several times to direct her in the path to go and Jodi just wasn’t going to hear it.  The only thing she had on her mind was Travis and if she couldn't have him, which by his beliefs, she couldn't, then, no one was going to have him.  After watching this whole trial play out, I was rather surprised that she didn't go after the other woman more.  Instead, she took all her hate out on Travis which is very unusual for someone as jealous as she was.  Usually, jealousy makes us think that the other person is the one keeping us from obtaining what we want and Jodi didn't see it this way.  I think Jodi knew deep down, it really didn't matter who the other person was, he was never going to be with her.  I think she knew that she was only a sex toy for him and that he wanted something real and much as she too wanted something real, all he seen in her was sex.  

Jodi stabbed Travis Alexander 29 times and shot him in the head and then later confessed to it.  Although she confessed to it, she went through trial because she claimed to be mentally ill.  She was found competent to stand trial because all her actions showed she knew right from wrong during the murder.  The jury was correct to come to the conclusion that she was guilty of capital murder, but during two sentencing trials later, both were a hung jury and there was no sentence set by the jury.  By Arizona law, she will be sentenced by the judge and will most likely get life in prison.  

Both Casey and Jodi have reason for society to hate them, but if you want to think of the most brutal of the two, it would have to be Jodi.  Jodi seems to feel no emotions during her trial and was very vindictive to the reputation of Travis during her testimony.  Casey on the other hand was very emotional at times.  At some points, she was even sickened by the testimony in court.  If she did kill her daughter, I think she was feeling remorse but she couldn't let the spectator see too much emotion because they would have guessed it.  So, I say we have more reason to hate Jodi than we do Casey.

  • 31 Mar 2015

Well written, nice!

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