New World Order

Written by ASK
  • 02 Mar 2015

I cannot believe it, the war rages 
can’t you see it, kids thrown in cages 
people trying to survive on minimum wages 
corrupted government, these are the first stages 
obstructed judgment, been like this for ages 
yet no one seems willing to debate this 
witness, the coming of a new world order 
led by maniacs with delusional disorder

yo son, mind the mind manipulating media 
who do you think wrote the encyclopedia 
they want you to laugh at mind control 
now they laugh, cuz you just sold your soul 
without blinking an eye, you swallow the lie 
you are so self-satisfied, you don't hear the cry 
why for certain people human rights don't apply 
why on earth does the whole world just stand by 
we need to deny this reality, decry this insanity 
defy this brutality, we no longer rely on humanity 
sick men define normality, I see lack of morality
it seems like greed and power we all understand
that’s why occupation and death go hand in hand
and if you don’t fit in, well, you’ll just be banned
claimed it was the promised land, no man’s land
nah- really it was a well prepared plan, actions of an evil man
-ASK (Always Seeking Knowledge)


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