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Ghosts of the West

  • 17 Mar 2018

In Bodie where they load me  with old gold  my deal is a good one  but i throw in the cards and fold. This boomtown is bust  the dreams I once had have all turned to dust...


  • 16 Mar 2018

Seeds borne by the wind settle down for the long Winter and the ​nights breathe sorrow on fallow deer. ​I follow this mountain chain linked by history to ​almost the b...

The Piano

  • 02 Jul 2015

Hatred sisters pretense These are all I see, Doubting whose trust I should keep Nobody but even me, Knows not the symbol of peace that has love at ease. The morning sun births the day owning the evening i...


  • 19 Jun 2015

On sunday evening, 18th August,1994 i sat in my room,on my flat nd pot-hole mattress, Wit no gud,bt stinking beddings. I stood up on my feet wondering round-about in my expensive room To nd fro jst pondering wit a lot of hopeless thoughts. ...


  • 02 May 2015

  While out walking one fine day I decided on a different way A path I never trod before Led me to a lake side shore. The scene I saw upon that day Simply took my breath away With...