Blind Mind

Written by ASK
  • 03 Mar 2015

Kids reflecting: life hurt us, what is the purpose
of existence, realize you can’t break the resistance 
you don’t see the difference, watching from a distance
but trust, you can’t kill justice, honor and persistence
send my condolences to them innocent prisoners 
kids keep reflecting, the war affects them 
the army will harm me, so I got nothing to lose
live on your knees or die standing, you choose

fuck being so politically correct 
always treat people with respect 
the more I think and reflect 
the deeper I sink and object 
to blindly follow this path I reject
for God's sake, basic rights they neglect 
they a plague, missiles at schools they direct 
give and take, the fools' acts take effect 
this you can't break, evil lies I detect 
time to wake, insist on your piece of the cake 
but beware of the snake, so beautiful but fake

people feel at loss, pick up arms for the cause 
the whole wide world watches the genocide 
the white world misses the devil's sign 
they don't think killing kids is a crime 
you obviously a product of the wicked time 
this for Palestine, where kids keep dying 
but you'll forever live in heart and mind 
-ASK (Always Seeking Knowledge)


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