The Night We Met

  • 15 Jan 2015

I held him by his hand and asked him to dance. He nodded and smiled so I pulled him closer to me. His hands were so soft and face so beautiful. My heart was warmed with happiness and my spirit felt glad. I had the most handsome man dancing with me. He looked in my eyes as the music played. He kept smiling and looking down, I lifted his chin and said, "I want to see your beautiful eyes." When he looked up this time, I saw deep saddness in his eyes. I asked, "Are you ok?" He shook his head indicating that he wasn't so I escorted him out to the balcony. I took out my handkerchief and dried his tears. I held his hand and looked him in the eye and said, "Talk to me, maybe I can help." With a tear running down his right cheek he said,"I'm sorry for crying like this, it's just my mom died two days ago." He again burst out in tears. I held him in my arms as he cried. "I'm so sorry to hear that", I said to him. "She was the only one who accepted me for who I am.", he said. "I understand, really I do...", I replied. His genuine nature captured me.

"Bryan, Bryan.", said a middle aged woman, dressed in a dark green long dress with a purple flower hat. "That's my aunt. I live with her now.", he told me. Looking at me up and down with her lips tight she said to him,"Lets go!" Then she walked ahead. Releasing my hand slowly he said, "I gotta go..." I told him, "I'm Austin." "Nice to meet you Austin, bye", he said as he walked towards his aunt who stood waiting across the room with her hands on her hips. 

His eyes, had a genuine kindness that just couldn't stop thinking about. Then I kept thinking that I may never see him again. So I ran across the room, down the stairs and into the parking lot. "Wait! Wait!", I shouted to the grey Volkswagen where he was as it drove out the gate. Tears, filled my eyes, as I gasped continuously to catch my breath. Never once did I think I would fall for someone this quickly but it happened. I dried my tears and I said to myself, "I have to find him." I ran to my car and left the parking lot. Drove looking in all directions hoping to see that grey Volkswagen. "I can't give up! I just can't... This guy is special. I just know it.", I said to myself. The first hour passed but the grey car I looked for was not in site.

I parked my car by at the side of the road and with my head down I started to cry. I felt as if all hope of me ever finding Bryan was lost. Then I heard a knock on my car window, I dried my tears quickly. "Billy, is that you?" "Austin?", the chubby guy with the blond hair said. "Yes this is Austin! Oh my God Billy I can't believe it's you!" I came out of the car and hugged him. We kept laughing and watching each other in shock. We haven't seen each other in years. We were best friends until fourth grade when he had to move across the country to Oregan. "I'm back in New Hampshire for college man.", he said with a huge smile on his face. "That's awesome!" I told him. 

"So where are you heading to now?", I asked. "To my girlfriend Katy's house.", he replied. "Oh, is it far from here?", I asked. "No it's like five minutes away." "Well, let go man I'll give you a lift, we gotta hangout sometime and catch up.", I told him and he agreed. "Okay here it is, that's her house.", he said as I stopped and looked in amazement at the curry yellow house. He introduced us, and Katy was very kind, she invited me inside for a drink. She saw that I was dress forally in my suit and tie and asked if I went to the Mayor's Ball that night. I told her, "yes I did." "My family went to the Ball as well, they said it was a lotta fun." she said as she laughed. She took out a few old photo albums and start to show us some pictures.

There were a lot of funny pictures from her childhood and they had us laughing a lot. Though I was laughing inside I was still a bit sad. As we continued to watch the pictures I saw a photo of her family at the beach with a guy who looked very much like Bryan. My eyes opened and my jaw dropped. I wondered if I saw correctly. With my hand shaking I pointed at the guy in the picture and asked, "Is that who I think it is? Is that Bryan?" Katy paused looking a bit surprized saying, "You know Bryan?" "Yes I do! Do you know wheree I can find him?", I asked. "Is everything ok Austin?", Billy asked, "Yes, I'd just like to know where I can find Bryan." "He's upstair", said Katy. "Are you serious? He's upstairs?" "Yes he moved in with us yesterday" "Oh my God! Can I talk to him?", I said happily. Looking a bit confused, Katy said, "Uhh, ya I'll take you to his room. Follow me"

She knocked, "Bryan, Bryan. Someone's here to see you." He opened his room door looking as if he was sleeping as he saw me his eyes opened wide. "Austin?", he said. "Yes it's me", I replied smiling and looking him in the eyes. "I'll leave you guys to talk", Katy said as she smiled and walked off. "What are you doing here?", said Bryan with a smile that showed also in his eyes. "The truth is I really like you, and I just never thought I'd see you again...", I said to him as my head hung low as I remembered the feeling I had on thinking that I'd never see him after out encounter at the Mayor's Ball. He lifted my chin, the way I did his at the Ball and said, "I like you too." As he smiled so beautifully at me. The happiness I felt in my heart at that moment was just beyond amazing. He gently held my hand and lead me to the garden in the back yard where he hunged me and then asked me to dance. He looked me in the eyes as I held him close. Then he kissed me softly... 

By Jonathan Carpathia
© 01/15/2015


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