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Tales from the Bronx

  • 08 Dec 2016

Tony’s had eyes on Pearl for a week and a half, he’s cool with her man and together they laugh. She likes him too, but keeps it down low; she knows if she switches up, they’ll all call her a ho. Her man Jimmy knows his friend lik...

Pleasure and Torture

  • 25 May 2015

What is the difference between pleasure and torture? Pleasure is thinking of you while torture is thinking of you toomuch... Love is like a cloud Love is like a dream Love is one word and everything in between.. Love is a fairytale come true ...

Did he agitate an already volatile situationd

  • 15 Feb 2015

On February 2, 2013, Eddie Ray Routh shot Chris Kyle, the American Sniper (as portrayed in the movie American Sniper) 6 times with a hand gun killing him and then turning the gun on Kyle's buddy, Chad Littlefield and shot him 7 t...