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Roman James Hoffman was born under the sign of Sagittarius (curiously, the same sign as major influence William Blake) in a small industrial town in the Black Country, England, in 1980. For much of his life he despised the small town and it’s gloomy post-industrial fallout and in 2005 moved to London. After first bedding down in the swanky Notting Hill for a few months he moved to the grime and crime of Brixton, South London, where he began writing his first (as yet unpublished) novel, A Deviant Wisdom, a grotesque and decadent tale of urban shamanism. In 2007, temporarily tired of London, he travelled to China where he spent a year living in Beijing in the run up to the 2008 Olympics and began writing his second novel, The Children of Lilith, a tragic tale of prostitutes inspired by people he had encountered during his time in South London. He returned to the UK in mid 2008, and in between working and finished his abandoned degree full-time he continued to work on The Children of Lilith and began writing poetry. Exhausted after such hard work, in 2012 he fulfilled a dream and spent a year living in Tokyo, Japan where he wrote for, one of the largest Japanese tourism websites, as well as solidifying his approach to poetry. He arrived back in England since 2013 and began work on his third novel, The Foreigner, a philosophical novel inspired by the work of Albert Camus and his experiences living abroad and designed to explore ideas of what he calls “initiatory consciousness”. His writing explores identity, consciousness, sexuality, and morality in a challenging and confrontational way, often employing brutality and beauty in equal measure. He currently lives in Vauxhall, South London. He can be contacted at

Writing from RomanJamesHoffman

The Whore woken upon the cross of Death

  • 06 Sep 2015

          …Leah stroked Aleister’s naked body as he slept. The love they had made had been more frenzied than usual and he smelt strongly of sweat. In one long motion she stroked from his c...

The Foreigner Chapter 3

  • 02 Aug 2015

          For a brief moment he felt sympathy: the vacant expression on the stripper’s face, barely out of her teens…if that, as she woodenly side-stepped on the podium in her extravagantly...

The Foreigner Chapter 2

  • 02 Aug 2015

          It was 9am when the plane finally landed in Thailand. The balmy morning air that greeted Nic as he left the airplane struck him as pleasant, if not a little aggressive, and he immediately unbu...

The Foreigner Chapter 1

  • 02 Aug 2015

          The murmur of the public behind him haunted him. Even though he didn’t know enough Thai to understand what they were saying he felt their gazes pricking like a thousand needle-points int...