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I a writer with a short attention span and creative imagination and because of this I focus on short stories and poetry. I'm looking for support from admires of my work and have a patreon account at I would love the support so I am able to produce more regular and better stories.

Writing from Subtitles

My final speech

  • 09 Jun 2018

There is crimson blood dripping from my worn hand, It glides in wind created by the giant stomps across the land. I rest my becoming corpse a pond the trench, With the giants’ roar worse than a wrench.  ...

A tiresome cry for liberty

  • 07 Jun 2018

A tiresome cry for liberty, Is a pointless cry for her.   Once we have the lady, We return to a cycle of depression and restriction.   The blood we leak for her, Is nothing, For the...

The hunger I feel

  • 07 Jun 2018

The hunger I feel, It dragging me to kill, I should be swallowing pills, To control my thrills, It will only make others bleed. For it will only restrain me, Once I’m release, I am fre...

Wounded March V2

  • 15 Apr 2018

Thus she throws an arsenal of bullets into my chest. But I do not weep at such humongous pain. I stand tall bleeding from my wounds. Marching towards her tower of pine. Carrying the righteous torch. To send her i...

Sadist Lover

  • 14 Apr 2018

She cheers at my pain.  I should laugh with her but no. It is a great pain....

Smoking Cigarettes

  • 14 Apr 2018

Death is calling my heart. It yearns to fill my lungs. It screams in my ear to come to her. I should refuse but she is attractive. I will stay my hands for now. But I will fall to her in the end....

A Reality For Happiness

  • 05 Apr 2018

It only last a short amount of time. It will soon becomes a crime. Sadness can last a life. Happiness comes and goes like a flight. There isn’t enough people who will be kind. People will never reach the et...

No Where to run

  • 20 Mar 2018

Nowhere to run.  We are out of time  Our end has come.    May our sons forgive.  They have done no wrong.  But they will have to live.   Humanity will nev...

An interruption to new life

  • 20 Mar 2018

It had felt as if I was falling, but I wasn’t moving. As if I was hanging from something, like it was wire. How do I know this word? I could barely move. How am I thinking? I moved my head so I could look at my body and saw that I’m no...

Living in a grave

  • 20 Mar 2018

As I lay in my grave of slumber. I can do no more than wonder.  My body was six feet under.  But I can still hear a sound of thunder.   Was someone else being sent to slumber?  Or was it the s...

The Toothpick P1

  • 20 Mar 2018

At the time of dusk the Toothpick walks as if she were a phantom in the mist. Soundless, swift and stiff. All that seen of her is here sinister dark leather cloak and a blood-red hood. She roams the street of Eden with a never-fading thrust for mi...